Our strategy

Armenian public health union (APHU) NGO was established in 1997. APHU united the energy and professional experience of medical professionals (doctors, nurses and others), public health and health financing experts to support, encourage and drive the health sector reforms in Armenia.

Our mission

Based on the belief that

·        The health sector cannot operate based solely on principles of market economy,

·        The experience of many countries evidence that increase of supply of health services, entry of new suppliers and professionals to health «market», investments in new health technologies does not reduce the prices of health services,

·        Health problems of one of the members of the family, expenses associated with health may have catastrophic effect on most families and push any family with average income to extreme poverty,

APHU considers its mission

·        Propossing and supporting measures that will improve the health of the people,

·        Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Armenian health sector,

·        Eliminate inequalities in access of high quality health services in Armenia,

·        Supporting health sector reforms in other countries based on our experience and accumulated knowledge.

Our values

APHU has certain values and we believe that most of the society shares the same values:

·        Equality: all the members of the society are equal and have equal rights and access to use health services.

·        Cooperation: the members of the society are cooperating with each other, with the state and other public and private organizations to have healthy society.

·        Universal access: health services are equally accessible to all members of the society.

·        Diversity: the state, health service providers, health financing institutions are striving to provide the society with high quality services and accessible financing options.

·        Stability: the state, health service providers, health financing institutions do everything not to endanger the health and economic well being of their patents and customers.

·        Justice: the society deserves to have justice in management of health sector and takes measures necessary for that.

Our vision

Our vision is based on our values

We see Armenia as a society of healthy people, where people.

1.      Live in healthy natural and social environment, in a harmony with the environment,

2.      Have access to high quality and affordable health services,

3.      Have access to different financing options for financing their health expenses,

4.      Enjoy the benefit of having clean and healthy food, water and drinks and the state guarantees so with the help of all of its supervision and insptection powers,

5.      Have access to sport facilities, parks, virgin forests, etc.

Our activities

Our activities for 2013-2016 are based on our vision. Specifically, we as an APHU and our members as individuals will:

·        Monitor the works of different institutions to evaluate their impact on public health and environment.

·        Study the health and environmental projects of the state and different organizations.

·        Provide opinions and advice on health and environmental policy issues, participate in discussions of the draft state budget and hearings of state budget execution reports.

·        Participate in different discussions, drafting and promotion of policy documents that will strengthen Armenian health sector, create healthier natural environment, etc.

·        Organize discussions, seminars, workshops and hearings on state health policy  and activities of different organizations.

·        Organize sporting and other health promotion activities for children and others.


APHU cooperates with state institutions, civil society and international organizations, health sector professions, media, suppliers of health services and goods, political organizations, unions and other organizations and individuals that are eager to improve the performance of health sector and have mentally and physically healthy society.

Transparency of our activities

We report about our activities to:

·        The society,

·        Our members,

·        Our partner organizations,

·        Donor organizations,

·        The state.