Support the promotion of health status of the Armenian population.

Support the increase of effectiveness of the health care system of Armenia.


Implement preventive, health protection and promotion activities among population.
Support to the implementation of general health projects towards the diseases control.
Support to the improvement of the environment; physical, working and living conditions of the human vital activity.
Promote the establishment of the adequate economic/management mechanisms for the health care system in transition.
Develop and implement scientific-practical, educational projects, researches and studies on the following:

- Population’s health state
- Healthy lifestyle development
- Health care projects’ effectiveness
- In the sphere of health care policy, reforms, public health and economics
- Health care role in the macroeconomic context
- In the spheres of health training, retraining and public awareness

 Provide consultancy and technical assistance and contribution to the Health facilities in health economics and management fields.
Support to and participate in the development of health systems and services standards, evaluation criteria and efficiency indicators.